5 Major Myths About Women’s Hair & Haircuts

Myths make their way around to crowds of people in rapid succession and before long, more people believe the information to be true than not. It’s usually unintentional, however, people think they’re doing good by alerting others and spread information without 100 percent being accurate first. Take a look below to learn five common myths about women’s hair and haircuts and the truth of the matter.

1- 100 Strokes a Day

Most of us have heard that 100 strokes of the hair each day prevents it from falling out, but there is no truth to this whatsoever, so you can stop counting the number of times you brush your hair. In fact, brushing your hair so many times may actually damage the hair follicles.

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2- DIY Haircuts are Okay

Known as ‘kitchen cuts’ by many people, at-home haircuts not only oftentimes end with less than satisfactory results, but it may cause the hair growth to be inhibited along the way. It’s always best to leave haircuts to those who know best.

3- Haircuts are Expensive

The average cost of a haircut in Maryland is $43. If this seems like a lot of money, divide that by six, since haircuts are needed every six weeks. This equals out to a cost of $7.16 per week to maintain gorgeous, healthy hair!

4- Stress Causes Gray Hair

It’s one of the oldest haircut myths in the book. Luckily, there is no truth to the matter or wed see a lot more people with gray hair.  Stress can do other things to our hair, such as cause it to fall out, so do be careful.

5- Haircuts are unimportant

No, getting haircuts clinton md every six weeks won’t make your hair instantly grow longer. But, it will keep the dead ends off and your hair strands healthy so they grow faster, thicker, and better. Haircuts are an important part of good hair health.

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