Make Sure Your Equipment Is Working

Going on a job and getting a shock that your equipment isn’t working can be a shock to you personally, a disappointment to the customer and can make you and your company look bad.  This is why you want to test your equipment before going on any job as well as before you start and end your day.  One test that many will do for their hoses and other tubing is a smoke test vacuum leak.  This test will pump pressure into your hose or tube along with smoke.  This smoke will then leak out of any holes or gaps in your tubing.  If you see this, you know it needs a repair.

smoke test vacuum leak

Electrical charge

Most of the equipment we use these days needs electricity in order to run.  To ensure that your equipment is operating properly, use a voltage meter to test the flow of electricity in your device.  If it is too high or too low, you may end up with issues with the device operating properly or shorting out altogether.

Proper air pressure

In your devices you may have tires or other inflatable devices.  Before using these items ensure that you have the proper air pressure for the devices size and density.  If your air pressure is too low, your tire may be vulnerable and subject to puncture.  If the tire is too inflated the stress put on the tire and seams may result in the same effect.

Store your equipment properly

You want to store your equipment properly.  This means if it has a specific box or packaging you want to have it returned to that packaging when you have finished using it.  If your device needs to be within a specific temperature of moisture level, ensure that you maintain these as well.

The tools we use are a necessary part of our business and our financial health.  The better they are the more we can profit and prosper from them.

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