Effective Ways to Market Your Business & Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps the best companies rank well within search engine results when a consumer uses certain keywords or phrases. SEO implements keywords, great content, and other information to determine who ranks on the first pages of search engine results. Statistics show that consumers use results from the first page or two of a search engine almost 80% of the time. If your business isn’t listed within these two pages, you miss out. Luckily, improving your online presence is a great way to build customer base and SEO at once. Take a look at a few effective strategies that professionals like those at Digital Current use to help target both needs at the same time.

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1- Use Social Media

Nearly 90% of the world’s population uses at least one social media site. With this in mind, any business owner should understand the importance of being a part of the fun. Social media sites provide a platform in which to communicate, advertise, and otherwise build your brand. And, you guessed it: great social media posts result in great SEO results.

2- Create a Blog

Many website platforms include space to write a blog. Take advantage of blogging. Not only can creating a blog draw more customers to your business, it also designates you as an expert in your industry and saves customers time. You’ll also help spread your relevance in the SEO world when writing a blog.

3- Build a Great Website

If your business is without a website, it’s time for change. Most customers look for products and services online, using a website to decide where they’ll shop. Don’t get stuck out in the cold and miss business from online customers.

Use the simple and effective ideas above to help give your business the online presence that it deserves with seo services phoenix!

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