Mass Producing Effort With This Hay Spear

It is not just a hay spear. It is a double bale hay spear. This means of course that the industrious farmer is now able to do double the work that he would normally have done of a morning or an afternoon. And while he is tending to some of the more managerial affairs of his farming industry, his seasonal laborers can just as well get on with the business of double-spearing the hay without any need for supervision.

You wonder about this? You note too that the farmer’s seasonal team of laborers is generally an unskilled bunch of hard-working men and women. After all, all they are really doing is picking the harvest and packing them into the baskets. Or chucking the hay from one bundle to the next. Not so fast to judge. How would they know if they are picking the right fruit or vegetables? They would need some intuition surely.

double bale hay spear

Nevertheless, it does not require much in the way of skill or even enterprise to operate the double bale hay spear. They say that this innovative and productive tool is fairly easy to use, clean, maintain, assemble and disassemble. Of course, it is never as simple as that. Both farmer and his staff would still need to learn how to use the tool. The double bale hay spear is both versatile and durable to use.

There are those instances where absolutely no manual labor may even be required. In one such instance, the mechanized hay spear will be attached to the tractor. And it is left to the tractor operator to operate the tool from his dashboard or panel. Similar tools of trade have been prepared for the commercial and industrial environment, with the warehouse space being one good example.

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